2021 Comprehensive Stroke Center Certification: On-Demand Webinar



The Joint Commission offers this certification in collaboration with the American Heart Association/ American Stroke Association.

The Comprehensive Stroke Center Certification Webinar Series is designed for individuals and teams working to support patient care in comprehensive stroke centers. Gather your team, and get your questions answered with over 7 hours of content rich education on topics of critical interest not only on standards and the review process, but clinical practice guidelines, performance measurement, tracers, and gap analysis, to name a few

See Webinar Schedule tab below for a list of webinar topics.

To participate, you can join the series at any time. Continuing education is available for one year after the launch of the series, with all 7 webinars available on-demand after the air date.

Comprehensive Stroke Center Certification Webinar Series
On Demand


Disease-Specific Care Stroke Reviewer
The Joint Commission

Kenny Barajas, DNP, RN, CEN
Disease Specific Care Reviewer
The Joint Commission

Doreen Donohue, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, CPHQ
Field Director, Disease Specific Care
The Joint Commission

Beth Glassford, MSHA, MS, BSN, RN, CJCP, FACHE
Principal Consultant
Joint Commission Resources

Mary Kelly, MBA, RN, CNRN, FAHA
Disease Specific Care Reviewer
The Joint Commission

Karen Kolbusz, RN, BSN, MBA
Associate Project Director
Healthcare Quality Evaluation
The Joint Commission

Robin Voss, RN, MHA, TNCC-I
Field Director, Disease Specific Care
The Joint Commission

Webinar Schedule

Webinar Schedule

All 7 sessions will be accessible through October 1, 2022.

These will be pre-recorded sessions and will not be live. The recording can be accessed through the Learning Management System.

Gather your team together to take part in viewing this webinar topic, at your team's convenience, be it on the scheduled release date or a later date. Take advantage of stopping and playing the webinar for individual note taking or team discussions. Then, make sure to compile a list of questions to submit to JCR for returned answers, directly from faculty and our subject matter experts.

Webinar #1 – Requirements

The first webinar in this series will provide an in-depth review of the requirements for Comprehensive Stroke Center (CSC) Certification highlighting those that current CSC organizations have found the most challenging to meet. Program and Practitioner volume and coverage will be addressed as well as educational requirements.

Webinar #2 - The Onsite Review Process

In this webinar, faculty will review the on-site review process for Comprehensive Stroke Center (CSC) Certification. Hear about the review team, and the steps necessary to begin certification. Learn about the day of the certification review and the objectives of the tracer methodology review process (including individual tracer activity and system tracer data-use). Learn how the review activities impact the scoring and the assessment of compliance with the standards, and their relationship to the quality and safety of patient care.  Proactively prepare your center for review, learn from your peers through the 10-minute Q&A session, and be ready for your on-site review day(s).

Webinar #3 - New, Revised, and Challenging Standards

This webinar will focus on standards, and expectations set forth by the Joint Commission to help you ensure success. Faculty will review not only the current Standards, what we know for 2021-2022, but will present the Challenging Standards to date. You will hear about tips for compliance, in addition to a review of the Requirements and Rationales, and Elements of Performance. Get a comprehensive review of what you need to know to achieve your Center’s performance expectations.

Webinar #4 - Clinical Practice Guidelines

This webinar will focus on how a Comprehensive Stroke Center should demonstrate conformity with clinical practice guidelines or evidence-based practice. Learn the appropriate Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) selections, the purpose of them, and when it is appropriate to consider using outside CPGs for given situations.  Faculty will discuss the characteristics/appropriateness of “Good” Clinical Practice Guidelines and comprehensiveness required, tips for selecting guidelines, the unique factors for Comprehensive Stroke Centers that should be considered.   

Webinar #5 - Performance Measures for Comprehensive Stroke Centers

Hear directly from our subject matter expert form the Division of Healthcare Quality Evaluation about performance measurement for Comprehensive Stroke Centers (CSC) Certification. Faculty will provide an in-depth review of the outcome measure CSTK-10 Modified Rankin Score at 90 Days, the requirements, best practices for data collection, along with lessons learned and evaluation tips. Learn how to directly apply techniques using this measure, which is also relatable to the other complex measures CSC’s are utilizing.

Webinar #6 – Tracer Review of the Interventional Suite

This webinar will provide listeners with an overview of how Reviewers will conduct a tracer review, what the expectations are, how to prepare by using one of the most complex stroke cases, walking through tracer findings and each step of the process.

Webinar #7 – Preparing for Initial Comprehensive Stroke Certification Utilizing a Gap Analysis Process

This bonus webinar to the series will close the loop on the previous content provided. Learn from one of JCR’s Principal Consultants how to conduct a gap analysis, linking standards and guidelines, and most importantly, how to ensure a resolution and plan for any gaps. Faculty will help you better understand how to guide you through the process of a gap analysis, data collection, and best practices and plan for implementation.

This schedule is subject to change.

Product Description

Product Description

This program will be accessible in Learning Management System until October 1, 2022

The Joint Commission’s Disease-Specific Care (DSC) certification program, launched in 2002, is designed to evaluate clinical programs across the continuum of care. We are happy to announce an opportunity for those individuals and teams supporting Comprehensive Stroke Center (CSC) certification.

This important webinar series will provide you with over 7 hours of content rich education on topics of critical interest not only on standards and the review process, but clinical practice guidelines, performance measurement, tracers, and gap analysis, to name a few. Hear directly from Reviewers, Field Directors from The Joint Commission, JCR Consultants, and other Joint Commission Subject Matter Experts on how to prepare for your organization’s review, and unique applicability discussions only for Comprehensive Stroke Centers.

Education provided by our experts is a great way to prepare your staff to and to maintain compliance in 2021 and 2022. Gather your team to listen together to the on-demand recordings at your convenience.

This webinar series is designed for Program Coordinators, Neurologists, Neuro hospitalists, neuro-residents, neuro surgeons/neuro physician assistants, nursing professionals (advance practice, stroke unit and clinical specialists) in addition to Emergency Department and Medical Staff, rehabilitation and quality directors.


At the end of the program, the participant will be able to:

  1. Discuss the Joint Commission’s review process, standards, and challenging standards
  2. Explain the role of the stroke team, the medical director, the stroke coordinator, and other valuable players that promote a unified approach
  3. Discuss how to proactively prepare a comprehensive stroke center for certification
  4. Describe the program, clinical practice guidelines, sustaining certification, and performance measures
  5. Describe how to conduct a gap analysis with improvements to an organization’s current process

To participate, you can join the on demand series at any time. The content will be available for 12 months after the first session airs. 

Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Before registering for a program check for updates from your state, county or city on a regular basis to make sure it will be acceptable for your license/certification renewal.

Summary of Continuing Education contact hours awarded for this program:

  • ANCC: 1.0 CE per session (total of 7 CEs)
  • ACHE: 1.0 CE per session (total of 7 CEs)
  • ACCME: 1.0 CE per session (total of 7 CEs)

Learn more about continuing education below.

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