Documentation of Care, Treatment, or Services in Behavioral Health Care: Your Go-To Guide (Soft Cover)

ISBN# 9781635850437

Release Date: April 2018. Soft cover. Spiral-bound. 262 pages. 

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Documentation of Care, Treatment, or Services in Behavioral Health Care: Your Go-To Guide
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Product Description

Product Description

The Joint Commission’s Behavioral Health Care (BHC) standards include numerous requirements for documentation of care, treatment, or services. These standards can be challenging to understand and apply. Documentation of Care, Treatment, or Services in Behavioral Health Care is a clear, concise, accurate reference that breaks down documentation concepts in the BHC standards into easy-to-digest pieces. It’s designed to be your go-to guide on the essentials of BHC documentation—and related concepts—to help you successfully provide high-quality, safe, and effective care, treatment, and services to all individuals served.

Key Topics

  • Documentation of behavioral health care screening and assessment, planning, delivery, and continuity of care, treatment, or services
  • Documentation for outcome-based measurement of care, treatment, or services
  • Integration of physical and behavioral health care in documentation
  • Documentation of participation by the individual served in planning of care, treatment, or services
  • Elements of quality, effective documentation in care, treatment, or services
  • Recovery and resilience, with a focus on the individual’s needs, strengths, preferences, and goals reflected in documentation

Key Features

  • Reader-friendly tone and engaging format
  • Numerous infographics that clarify complex content
  • Scenarios that show application of key chapter information
  • Example documentation forms
  • More than two dozen downloadable, writeable tools
  • Behavioral health care documentation-related standards and terms
  • Reviewed by Joint Commission experts

Key Audience

  • Behavioral health care professionals
  • Accreditation and certification professionals
  • Performance/quality improvement team
  • Risk management team

Standards: Care, Treatment, and Services (CTS), Information Management (IM), Leadership (L), Record of Care, Treatment, and Services (RC)

Settings: Behavioral Health Care

Please note: Documentation of Care, Treatment, or Services in Behavioral Health Care: Your Go-To Guide was developed for a U.S. audience. However, many good practices can be drawn from its policies and procedures to assist international organizations in their efforts to provide high-quality, safe care.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

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