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Every year JCR delivers numerous educational programs to health care organizations—from health systems and hospitals to home care agencies and behavioral health centers. Each learning event we prepare has timely, relevant content and is delivered through venues and media that is convenient to you and your team.

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Align your organization with some of the premier names in health care by supporting one of The Joint Commission and Joint Commission Resources conferences, seminars or distance learning events. You will increase your visibility, influence buying decisions, and connect with key decisions makers from health care organizations across the country.

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Conferences & Seminars

Hospital CMS Update - Live Virtual Event: September 22-23, 2020

Sep 22-23 2020
This two half-day virtual educational program brings tips and compliance strategies for you to increase your efforts in fulfilling Medicare’s Conditions of Participation for hospitals requirements. As a result, it is a topic packed event for advanced beginners and proficient individuals in hospital CMS compliance, which is taught by JCR experts (all of whom are former CMS surveyors).

Behavioral Health Care and Human Services Conference - Live Virtual: October 28-30, 2020

Oct 28-30, 2020
At this, can’t miss behavioral health care annual event, you will take part in sessions on the hottest behavioral health care topics and will gain a better understanding of upcoming changes at The Joint Commission that will be helpful to your organization maintaining compliance in 2021.

Environment of Care Base Camp: November 17-18, 2020

Nov 17-18, 2020
This 2-day seminar will arm you with knowledge, tools, and strategies to help you set the stage for a successful survey and build a framework to deliver the highest level of patient safety and care. Join the Joint Commission engineers as they discuss current challenges as well as compliance tips and strategies.

Online Education

2020 JCR Quality and Safety Network Plus CMS

Jan 1, 0001 | 
Receive access to 8, live 60-minute video programs featuring Joint Commission experts, and 4 programs featuring CMS experts illustrating concepts, methods and techniques to help achieve compliance.

Hospital Breakfast Briefings Live Webinar Series

Jan 1, 0001 | 
Hospital Breakfast Briefings Live Webinar Series is a great way to prepare your staff to maintain compliance in 2021, while maximizing your budget dollars. Gather everyone together for a complete overview of the new and revised 2021 standards, chapter by chapter. Join the series at any time. Previous recordings will be made available on-demand after the live sessions.

Behavioral Health Care and Human Services Accreditation On Demand Webinar Series

Jan 1, 0001 | 
Formerly known as Behavioral Health Care Breakfast Briefings Webinar Series, our 11-part Behavioral Health Care and Human Services Accreditation On Demand Webinar Series is a great way to prepare your staff to maintain compliance. Gather your staff and educate everyone together with a complete overview of the standards related to BHC, chapter by chapter.

2020 Infection Control On Demand Webinar Series

Jan 1, 0001 | 
This 4- part webinar series is an essential education opportunity for the IC leader. Our series covers the most sought after hot topics as identified by our faculty, The Joint Commission and subject matter experts. Get your questions answered directly from The Joint Commission's Director, Infection Prevention and Control during the live Q&A segment of each webinar.