Interim Life Safety Measures Revisted: 6 Steps for an Effective Program

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There appears to be much confusion in hospital safety, engineering and facilities departments about what is required in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and The Joint Commission Standards to meet a compliant Interim Life Safety Measures (ILSM) program.

The intent is to provide a completely safe environment for all occupants in the hospital at all times, and especially during times of construction or repair.

Designing an effective ILSM program is a result of a sound risk assessment process and continual updating and fine tuning of existing life safety program procedures. To help develop and maintain an effective ILSM program, this six part approach is offered as a primer to identify key concepts.

The purpose of an ILSM program is to mitigate potential untoward fire and smoke conditions at all times when features of life safety are deficient, compromised or removed from service due to construction, maintenance, or breakdown/repair. ILSM is not about regulatory requirements, it is about protecting patients and all others providing care and services who might be unable to easily evacuate. A sensible and safe ILSM program will meet regulatory requirements as long some basic concepts are followed.

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Interim Life Safety Measures

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