Optimizing Patient Flow: Advanced Strategies for Managing Variability to Enhance Access, Quality, and Safety

Edited by patient flow expert Dr. Eugene Litvak, this book provides innovative techniques for optimizing patient flow and improving operations management to increase quality and safety!

Release Date: May 2018. 216 pages.

5 Star Rating from Doody’s Book Review!

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 Optimizing Patient Flow: Advanced Strategies for Managing Variability to Enhance Access, Quality,
5 Star
Product Description

Product Description

Edited by Eugene Litvak, Ph.D., a world-renowned leader in hospital operations management and redesign.

Foreword by Dr. Harvey Fineberg, president of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and former president of the Institute of Medicine.

Optimizing patient flow impacts patient safety and the quality of care, and it has financial implications for health care institutions. Yet the story hasn't changed much in the decades that patient flow has been a focus of health care administrators. Hospitals are straining to meet demand. Surgeries continue to be delayed. Ambulances are diverted. Emergency departments are overcrowded while waiting for inpatient beds. Staffing shortages and economic challenges only serve to exacerbate the inefficiencies of patient flow. Perhaps this approach to managing patient flow is not the best one.

Crowded emergency departments and empty operating rooms are indicative of the variability in patient flow throughout the hospital, including emergency rooms and ICUs, as well as the flow to other settings of care, such as home care. Our second title edited by patient flow expert Dr. Eugene Litvak, Optimizing Patient Flow: Advanced Strategies for Managing Variability to Enhance Access, Quality, and Safety, offers readers innovative techniques for optimizing patient flow and improving operations management while providing clear examples of successful implementation. It can help you optimize patient flow in your own organization.

This book goes beyond the introductory information provided in JCR’s popular Managing Patient Flow in Hospitals: Strategies and Solutions, Second Edition. Dr. Litvak has teamed with CEOs, doctors, and researchers who have compiled their own experiences with patient flow to produce a book that guides the reader to practical and achievable advances in patient flow by sharing stories of how it was attained in actual health care organizations and providing specific approaches to reducing and managing variability.

Key Topics

  • Reducing and managing natural and artificial variability
  • Smoothing and optimizing the admissions process and surgical flow
  • Capacity planning and queue management strategies
  • Assessing the quantitative impact of patient flow issues on patients and staff
  • Standardizing patient admission, transfer, and discharge

Key Features

  • Hospital CEOs share their actual experiences implementing patient flow measures
  • Researchers present the “nuts and bolts” of the mechanics of patient flow
  • Real-life case studies illustrate how improved patient flow impacts emergency departments, telemetry bed utilization, and post-acute care

Standards: No direct standards correlations, but related to Leadership and Performance Improvement

Setting: Hospitals, critical access hospital, home care

Key Audience

  • Hospital executives including chief operating officers and chief financial officers
  • Board members
  • Physicians and medical officers
  • Nurses and nurse executives
  • Quality, process improvement, and productivity managers
  • Emergency department, surgery, critical care, and nursing operations professionals

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents



About the Editor

Eugene Litvak, PhD, a world-renowned leader in hospital operations management and redesign, is the president and chief executive officer of the Institute for Healthcare Optimization in Newton, Massachusetts. He is also an adjunct professor in Operations Management in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Harvard School of Public Health. He was a co-founder and director of the Program for the Management of Variability in Health Care Delivery at Boston University. He was also a professor at Boston University School of Management. Litvak has authored over 60 titles involving operations in health care. Currently, he serves on the Executive Leadership Council, Strategic Innovation Engine, at the US Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

About the Foreword Writer

Harvey V. Fineberg, MD, PhD, is the president of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Formerly, he was the president of the Institute of Medicine as well as the dean of the Harvard School of Public Health. He has been a consultant at the World Health Organization and has served as president for the Society of Medical Decision Making. Fineberg earned his Doctor of Medicine and his Doctor of Philosophy from Harvard University. He has contributed to numerous academic journals in many areas, most notably in health policy.

About the Authors

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List of Contributors

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