Strategies for Creating, Sustaining, and Improving a Culture of Safety in Health Care, 2nd Edition
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Strategies for Creating, Sustaining, and Improving a Culture of Safety in Health Care, 2nd Edition

Real-world solutions to challenging safety culture implementation issues

February 2017. 284 pages.

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Product Description

Product Description

Building a culture of safety was just the first step. This second edition of Strategies for Creating, Sustaining, and Improving a Culture of Safety in Health Care expands the idea of “building” a culture of safety by spotlighting the best articles related to this topic from The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety. These articles provide unique perspectives of challenges inherent when establishing and maintaining a culture of safety. 
Health care leaders will learn about initiatives and programs that have helped other health care organizations create, sustain, and improve their culture of safety. These real-world experience provide tested solutions that health care organizations can use to begin safety culture discussions or adapt to strengthen the existing that culture of safety within the organization.
Key Topics
  • Implementing programs that establish a culture of safety and accountability
  • Improving safety culture results
  • Promoting professionalism 
Key Features
  • 17 articles focused on creating, sustaining, and improving culture of safety within healthcare organizations
  • 5 classic articles—previously published in the first edition—that continue to provide relevant safety culture knowledge
  • Matrix that plots the articles according to the topics addressed as they relate to the safety culture maturity model
  • Full reprint of High-Reliability Health Care: Getting There from Here—which includes the stages of organizational maturity that the matrix is based on
Standards: LD (indirectly)
Settings: Applicable to all settings, but might be most applicable in the hospital setting
Key Audience
  • Health care executives
  • Medical directors
  • Nursing administrators
  • Quality improvement and performance improvement professionals
  • Risk managers

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Matrix of Articles
High-Reliability Health Care: Getting There From Here, MR Chassin & JM Loeb
Second Edition Articles from The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety
A Leadership Framework for Culture Change in Health Care
Jeffrey S. Rose, MD; Clarence S. Thomas, MD; Anthony Tersigni, EdD; J. Bryan Sexton, PhD; David Pryor, MD
Creating a Fair and Just Culture: One Institution’s Path Toward Organizational Change
Maureen Connor, RN, MPH; Deborah Duncombe, MHP; Emily Barclay, MPH, SPHR; Sylvia Bartel, RPh, MHP; Charles Borden, MBA; Elizabeth Gross, MS, CIH; Carol Miller, MEd, CAES; Patricia Reid Ponte, RN, DNSc, FAAN
A Survey of the Impact of Disruptive Behaviors and Communication Defects on Patient Safety
Alan H. Rosenstein, MD, MBA; Michelle O’Daniel, MHA, MSG
Implementing a Patient Safety and Quality Program Across Two Merged Pediatric Institutions
Erika Abramson, MD; Daniel Hyman, MD, MMM; S. Nena Osorio, MD; Rainu Kaushal, MD, MPH
Using Patient Safety Morbidity and Mortality Conferences to Promote Transparency and a Culture of Safety
Marilyn K. Szekendi, PhD, RN; Cynthia Barnard, MBA, MSJS, CPHQ; Julie Creamer, MS, RN; Gary A. Noskin, MD
Patient Safety Climate in Hospitals: Act Locally on Variation Across Units
Eric G. Campbell, PhD; Sara Singer, PhD; Barrett T. Kitch, MD, MPH; Lisa I. Iezzoni, MD, MSc; Gregg S. Meyer, MD
Professionalism: A Necessary Ingredient in a Culture of Safety
Erin DuPree, MD; Rebecca Anderson, MPH; Mary Dee McEvoy, PhD, RN, NEA-BC; Michael Brodman, MD
Professionals Promoting Professionalism
James W. Pichert, PhD; Ilene N. Moore, MD, JD; Gerald B. Hickson, MD
Patient Safety Reporting Systems: Sustained Quality Improvement Using a Multidisciplinary Team and “Good Catch” Awards
Kurt R. Herzer, MSc; Meredith Mirrer, MHS; Yanjun Xie, BA; Jochen Steppan, MD; Matthew Li, BA; Clinton Jung, BS; Renee Cover, RN, BSN; Peter A. Doyle, PhD; Lynette J. Mark, MD
Using Four-Phased Unit-Based Patient Safety Walkrounds to Uncover Correctable System Flaws
April M. Taylor, MS, MHA, CPHQ; John Chuo, MD, MS; Ana Figueroa-Altmann, MSN, RN, DM(c); Susan DiTaranto, MHA, RN; Kathy N. Shaw, MD, MSCE
An Intervention Model That Promotes Accountability: Peer Messengers and Patient/Family Complaints
James W. Pichert, PhD; Ilene N. Moore, MD, JD; Jan Karrass, MBA, PhD; Jeffrey S. Jay, JD; Margaret W. Westlake, MLS; Thomas F. Catron, PhD; Gerald B. Hickson, MD
Development of a Professionalism Committee Approach to Address Unprofessional Medical Staff Behavior at an Academic Medical Center
Rebecca M. Speck, PhD, MPH; Jody J. Foster, MD, MBA; Victoria A. Mulhern; Sean V. Burke, JD; Patricia G. Sullivan, PhD; Lee A. Fleisher, MD
Instituting a Culture of Professionalism: The Establishment of a Center for Professionalism and Peer Support
Jo Shapiro, MD, FACS; Anthony Whittemore, MD, FACS; Lawrence C. Tsen, MD
“SWARMing” to Improve Patient Care: A Novel Approach to Root Cause Analysis
Jing Li, MD, MS; Bernard Boulanger, MD, MBA, FACS; Jeff Norton, BSME, MSME; Audrey Yates, MSIE, SSBB; Colleen H. Swartz, DNP, DrPH; Ann Smith, MPA; Paula J. Holbrook, RN, BHS, JD, CPHRM; Mary Moore, RN, BSN, CPPS; Barbara Latham, RN, MSN, CHCQM; Mark V. Williams, MD
Breaking Through Dangerous Silence to Tap an Organization’s Richest Source of Information: Its Own Staff
Richard C. Boothman, JD
Engaging Frontline Leaders and Staff in Real Time Improvement
Jennifer Phillips, MMC; Linda J. Hebish, MBA; Sharon Mann, RN, MS, NEA-BC; Joan M. Ching, RN, MN, CPHQ; C. Craig Blackmore, MD, MPH
Using Coworker Observations to Promote Accountability for Disrespectful and Unsafe Behaviors by Physicians and Advanced Practice Professionals
Lynn E. Webb, PhD; Roger R. Dmochowski, MD; Ilene N. Moore, MD, JD; James W. Pichert, PhD; Thomas F. Catron, PhD; Michelle Troyer, BSc; William Martinez, MD, MS; William O. Cooper, MD, MPH; Gerald B. Hickson, MD
Classic First Edition Articles from The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety
Senior Executive Adopt-a-Work Unit: A Model for Safety Improvement
Peter J. Pronovost, MD, PhD; Brad Weast, MHA; Kate Bishop, MHA; Lore Paine, MSN; Richard Griffith, MHA; Beryl J. Rosenstein, MD; Richard P. Kidwell, JD; Karen B. Haller, PhD, RN; Richard Davis, PhD
Implementing a Hospitalwide Patient Safety Program for Cultural Change
Max M. Cohen, MD, MHSA; Nancy L. Kimmel, RPh; M. Kathleen Benage, RN; Cuong C. Hoang; Thomas E. Burroughs, PhD; Carolyn A. Roth, RN, JD
Patient Safety Leadership WalkRounds™ at Partners Health Care: Learning from Implementation
Allan Frankel, MD; Sarah Pratt Grillo, MHA; Erin Graydon Baker; Camilla Neppl Huber; Susan Abookire, MD; Marianne Grenham; Pam Console; Mary O’Quinn; George Thibault, MD; Tejal K. Gandhi, MD
Closing the Loop: Follow-up and Feedback in a Patient Safety Program
Tejal K. Gandhi, MD, MPH; Erin Graydon-Baker, MS, RRT; Camilla Nepple Huber; Anthony D. Whittemore, MD; Michael Gustafson, MD, MBA
Building and Sustaining a Systemwide Culture of Safety
Gary R. Yates, MD; David L. Bernd; Shannon M. Sayles, RN, MA; Carole A. Stockmeier; Gene Burke, MD; Gregory E. Merti, MD, MMM



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