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Stay current on The Joint Commission’s Environment of Care (EC), Life Safety (LS), and Sustainable Healthcare Certification (SHC) program requirements and best practices by subscribing to Environment of Care® News. Each month’s issue communicates the latest developments from experts at The Joint Commission and provides practical, accurate advice on complying with the EC and LS standards across all accreditation programs. It also provides guidance on any relevant Infection Prevention and Control (IC) standards that affect the physical environment. In addition, this newsletter covers sustainable healthcare news about The Joint Commission’s Sustainable Healthcare Certification (SHC) program and topics related to decarbonization in the healthcare industry.

This authoritative, digital newsletter is a must-read for facilities managers, safety directors, biomedical/clinical engineers, accreditation compliance professionals, fire protection personnel, utilities managers, and others.

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Product Description

Product Description

Environment of Care® News provides practical, accurate advice on The Joint Commission’s Environment of Care (EC) and Life Safety (LS) requirements across all accreditation programs, plus all the latest developments regarding the healthcare physical environment. Stay on top of changes to standards, survey process, and accreditation policies. Get best practices in the field and news directly from The Joint Commission, as well as any relevant information from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and other regulating and code-developing bodies that directly affect Joint Commission requirements.

In addition, Environment of Care® News covers The Joint Commission’s Sustainable Healthcare Certification program and the topic in general, connecting readers to valuable resources to help healthcare organizations achieve decarbonation.

This trusted, informative newsletter is a must-read for healthcare facilities managers, safety directors, biomedical/clinical engineers, accreditation compliance professionals, fire protection personnel, utilities managers, and others responsible for maintaining a safe, secure, and sustainable environment for patients, staff, and visitors in all healthcare settings.

Key Content

  • Best-practice solutions from the field addressing the most frequently cited, higher-hazard physical environment standards and elements of performance (EPs) in all healthcare settings
  • In-depth articles explaining the rationale behind new or revised physical environment requirements
  • Analysis of the top EC risk management areas: safety, security, hazardous materials and waste, fire safety, utilities, biomedical equipment, and construction
  • Case studies featuring healthcare organizations that have taken innovative steps toward sustainability and decarbonization

Key Features

  • From The Joint Commission’s Physical Environment Department—Insights into standards and elements of performance, important news, and other critical EC and LS information, straight from the experts at The Joint Commission
  • From The Joint Commission’s Field Directors—A look at what to expect during your accreditation survey for EC and LS, including news about any process changes
  • Forum—Top experts discuss hot topics and issues facing the health care physical environment and offer real-world guidance and insight based on their experience in the field
  • Environment of Care Q&A—Responses to frequently asked questions about The Joint Commission’s physical environment requirements
  • Toolbox—Checklists and other practical tools to help facilities managers and compliance professionals meet risk management and procedural challenges
  • Previews of forthcoming JCR books on environment of care, life safety, healthcare sustainability, and health equity, including free sample content and tools

Standards: EC, LS, Sustainable Healthcare Certification (SHC)

Settings: Ambulatory Care, Assisted Living Community, Behavioral Health Care and Human Services, Critical Access Hospital, Home Care, Hospital, Laboratory, Office-Based Surgery, and Nursing Care Center programs

Audience: Facilities managers, safety directors, biomedical/clinical engineers, accreditation compliance professionals, fire protection personnel, utilities managers, and others responsible for a safe, secure, sustainable, and equitable environment in all settings

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Executive Editor: Carolyn Schierhorn, MA
Senior Project Manager: Heather Yang
Associate Director, Production: Johanna Harris
Associate Director, Editorial, Books and Digital Subscriptions
Executive Director, Global Publishing: Catherine Chopp Hinckley, MA, PhD

Contact the Editor 
Carolyn Schierhorn, MA
Joint Commission Resources
One Renaissance Boulevard,
Suite 401,
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181
(630) 268-3747

Subscription Information
Environment of Care® News (ISSN 1097-9913) is published monthly (12 times a year) by Joint Commission Resources, One Renaissance Boulevard, Suite 401, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181

For questions about subscribing or renewing your subscription or updating your address information, please contact Customer Service at 877-223-6866, option 1 or jcrcustomerservice@jcrinc.com.

No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any reasons without written permission. Contact permissions@jcrinc.com.

© 2024 The Joint Commission

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Technical Support and Review:

Physical Environment Department
Herman McKenzie, MBA, CHSP
Director of Engineering, Standards Interpretation Group

Division of Accreditation and Certification Operations
James Kendig, MS, CHSP, CHCM, CHEM
Field Director, Surveyor Management and Development
Timothy Markijohn, MBA/MHA, CHFM, CHE
Field Director, Life Safety

Joint Commission Resources Consulting
Lisa Hardesty, MA, CFI, CHSP, HEM
Director of Global Consulting

Robert N. Neil, MBA, CHFM, CHSP, CHOP,
Principal Environment of Care Consultant

Customer Advisory Board
Corporate Manager, Emergency Preparedness
Orlando Health, Orlando, Florida

Gail Burke, MLS (ASCP)
Accreditation Specialist
Box Butte General Hospital, Alliance, Nebraska

Michael A. Canales, CHFM
Program Director, Healthcare Facilities Leadership
Owensboro Community and Technical College
Owensboro, Kentucky

Michael F. Craig, CHFM, CHSP, CHC, FMP, SE
Director of Facility Management
St. Joseph’s/Candler
Savannah, Georgia

James A. “Jerry” Galu, Jr., CHFM
Director, Facility Management
Nashville General Hospital
Nashville, Tennessee

Tina M. Hernandez, CHSP
Environment of Care/Life Safety Specialist
Bronson Methodist Hospital, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Shan A. Largoza, MBA, CHFM, CHEP, CHSP
Vice President
WellMed Medical Management
San Antonio, Texas

Edmund Lydon, MS, CHFM, FASHE
Senior Director, Support Services
Beth Israel Lahey Health, Boston

Kurt Martz, CHFM, CHSP
Director of Plant Operations (Hinsdale and LaGrange, Illinois, campuses)
AdventHealth, Hinsdale, Illinois

John O’Brien, CHFM, MBA, LEED AP
Administrative Director
SSM Health, St. Louis, Missouri

John L. Raisch, CHFM
Manager–Facilities and Support Services,
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute,
Tampa, Florida



Who within my organization should subscribe to Environment of Care® News?

EC News provides information for healthcare facilities managers, safety directors, biomedical/clinical engineers, fire protection personnel, utilities managers, nurse supervisors, and Joint Commission survey coordinators. Infection prevention and control staff would also benefit from the expert, timely coverage.

What topics does EC News cover?

EC News covers top stories on

  • Environment of care (EC), life safety (LS), and Sustainable Healthcare Certification (SCH) standards and survey and review processes
  • Your toughest EC and LS compliance challenges
  • Best-practice solutions and how-we-did-it case studies from the field related to sustainability and health equity
  • Success stories, examples, and tips to help you excel on your next survey or certification review
  • Special pointers for multiple settings: Hospitals, critical access hospitals, ambulatory health care, office-based surgery practices, nursing care centers, home care, laboratories, and behavioral health care and human services

How often does EC News publish?

EC News is published 12 times a year by Joint Commission Resources.

Can I submit articles?

Yes, but obtain pre-approval from the editor first. See Author Guidelines on the "About" tab.

Standards Interpretation

If you have questions regarding interpretation or clarification of The Joint Commission standards, please check out Joint Commission Standards Interpretation FAQs or contact The Joint Commission's Standards Interpretation Group (SIG) through the Online Question Form.

For general periodical FAQs, please click here.

Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Sharing Your Ideas

Do you have

  • An idea for an article?
  • A contact for a case study?
  • An example of an organization “doing the right things right”? (Maybe even your organization!)
  • An outstanding and useful form, tool, or checklist?
  • A question that needs answering?
  • A myth or misconception that needs clarification?
  • A hot topic that you want addressed?
  • A crucial issue that needs attention?

If so, please send your ideas to Environment of Care® News at cschierhorn@jcrinc.com.

Environment of Care® News features timely, practical articles about meeting Joint Commission environment of care (EC) and life safety (LS) standards. Key topics include the management of safety and equity in the physical environment, security, hazardous materials and waste, life safety and fire prevention, health industry decarbonization efforts, medical equipment, and utilities.

EC News invites readers to submit best-practice solutions to “What’s Your Solution?” questions as well queries regarding potential articles, including case studies. Please submit suggestions to cschierhorn@jcrinc.com. Articles pre-approved for submission should be between 800 and 1,400 words and include graphic elements, such as photos and charts. 

A panel of Joint Commission experts on EC and LS standards and accreditation issues will review each article that is considered suitable for publication. Authors should be available to answer the editor’s questions and approve edited copy.



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